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    Capitol Food Ventures (U) LTD is a boutique global business advisory and investment firm based in Kampala, Uganda.



    Capitol Food Ventures (U) LTD is a private sector strategic business advisory and investment firm focused on supporting firms within various industries and sectors in East Africa. Our focus in service delivery is to meet clients where they are at. With our expertise and networks in the region, we help shape enterprises to be more efficient, absorb capital, protect assets, and to drive growth.


    We believe that in order to deliver services in East Africa, a more intimate understanding of the market is needed. We understand this and aim to drive value and impact using what we refer to as “Relationship Advisory”: a longer term view of service delivery to our clients. This view helps us market our value to new clients – something we are proud to note has been word of mouth since our inception.


    We have a resourceful multi-faceted team of local and international advisors with expertise in business operations, corporate governance, marketing products, local/regional markets, and financial systems (including reporting, tax, and audit). Our work has taken place primarily in the East Africa region, including Uganda, Tanzania, S.Sudan, and the DRC. Other East African markets we are looking into include Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Kenya.


    What sets us apart is the way we engage with our clients.

    We look at this as more than just a transaction.

    We become a part of your team.

    We become family.


    Our Mission


    Our goal is to deliver the highest quality professional services to drive growth of firms in the East Africa region.


    What's With The Name?


    The word ‘capitol’ officially stems from the buildings in the citadel in Rome called Capitoline Hill. The way we use it today has its roots in an ancient Roman culture that speaks to a unified republic, represented by physical structures. It is primarily a place where leaders meet to discuss the important happenings in society, while it is also a group of structures — the infrastructure — that is necessary to deliberate, discuss, and dialog.


    Our use of the term plays off a mixture of the two definitions.


    We like to consider our ventures as those which invoke a sense of discernment and interconnection among our regional cultures. We interpret ‘capitol’ to mean ‘the place where leaders of communities gather to discuss the important business related issues of our time’ and we at Capitol Food Ventures support and provide the infrastructure to facilitate and allow these leaders to creatively, constructively, and authentically dialog and then build responsible enterprise.


    The word ‘capitol’ is in our view any urban center or city.



    Capitol Food Ventures has intimate knowledge of frontier markets in East Africa. We establish trusted relationships with company owners (often time family businesses) and conduct extensive due diligence into their firms. We research local markets and ensure the impacts our firms have on the local population, economy, and environment create positive value.



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    We want to help your business move the conversation forward

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